Yi Quan

Yiquan (“boxing intention”), also called Dachengquan (“boxing great and complete” or “boxing the great achievement”), is a school that combines the essence of the Chinese martial arts.

Its main feature is the absence of prearranged forms (kata or tao lu), typical in other Chinese schools.

The most important aspect of Dachengquan is his characteristic method of self-training, that appeals to recover natural instinct, rather than to prepare useless techniques.

We can’t then consider the Dachengquan as a finished product to be faithfully copied, but as the start of a process that we must allow access to science and art of boxing and of the activation energy.

The Dachengquan’s practice shows that we can move towards the achievement well above the simple comparison in combat with bare hands or simple hygiene practices to health, to penetrate the heart instead of his own evolution of consciousness and perception.