Qi Gong

Qigong ( “energy and breath control “), also called nei gong ( “internal control”), is an chinese art of vital energy activation which has millennia of history.

This method is tied to Taoist theory and to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Through breathing, one of the key points of qigong, you can increase lung capacity, boost metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Qigong offers the practitioner an active participation to the administration of his own body and health. The slow pace of movement promotes concentration and relaxation; repeat the exercises, statics and dynamics, keeps the mind alert and active.

Through perception, presence and intention, you can driving awareness and training the nervous system, muscles become more flexible and strong.

Qigong is thus a valuable tool to effortlessly expand their abilities, ward off the mental and physical aging and make the buoyant mood.

The slow motions and listening leads to a careful observation of the inner mechanisms that effect gradually deeper: into this optically qigong is therefore a real form of meditation that allows you to make leaps of awareness.